MeToo Movement:All you need to know

MeToo Movement:All you need to know

What is Important?

UPSC perspective:

Prelims: MeToo movement

Mains Paper 1: Setting up a Legal Panel,Hearing to be like Nirbhaya Case

Non-UPSC perspective:What is it?
MeToo Movement

Why in News

With more and more women going public with their experiences of sexual harassment at the hands of filmmakers, journalists, corporate bosses and Ministers, WCD ministry announced it will establish a committee to look into the issues being raised.

What is MeToo ?

* The MeToo campaign began as a hashtag on Twitter in 2017 amid the Harvey Weinstein, where the noted Hollywood producer has been accused of sexual harassment by over 70 women.

*The movement gained steam in India after former AIB comedian Utsav Chakraborty was accused of sexual harassment by a writer and fellow comic, who also said that the company had not taken any action despite her complaints.

*Following the incident, AIB founding member and CEO Tanmay Bhat “stepped away” from his role, while another founding member Gursimran Khamba, who has also been accused of sexual misconduct, has been asked to go on temporary leave.

*Next in line was Queen director Vikas Bahl, who has been accused of sexual harassment by a former employee of Phantom Films, which has now been disbanded.

* On Monday, the swell of accusations knocked on the door of Union Minister MJ Akbar, with six women journalists accusing him of sexual harassment and inappropriate behaviour when he worked as a newspaper editor.

Nirbhaya Case:

*The public hearings will not be for individual complaints, but where stakeholders can come and depose before the committee if they wish to.

*A similar process was followed by the Justice Verma Committee set up to reform the laws against rape after the December 16, 2012 gangrape incident.

*when a woman raises her voice against sexual harassment and reports the incident, “this society hold her responsible and this system rapes the victim in some way or other”.

Setting up a Legal Panel

*WCD ministry will set up a committee of senior judicial and legal persons to look into the issues that are coming out of the #MeToo movement.

*The committee will look into the legal & institutional framework which is in place for handling complaints of sexual harassment at work.

*The panel will advise the WCD ministry on how to strengthen these frameworks.

*It will include four retired judges and a strong lawyer as an amicus and will conduct independent hearings.

*MeToo is a strong weapon for women. It should not be misused to settle personal disputes.
*Due Process of Law must be maintained.

Some initiatives for immediate reporting

*She-Box” portal

*#HelpMeWCD using Tweet

*Internal Complaints Committees (ICC) under SHWW Act

What needs to be done now?

*It is important to identify the exact transgression in the various cases that are being outed and to ensure that action is taken with due process.
*No one can be deemed guilty only because he had been named and any punishment must be proportionate to the misdemeanor.
Way forward
*There has been a systemic disregard for making workplaces and common spaces free of harassment.
*The fear of making a complaint needs to be overcome in all work spaces, not only the media and the film industry.
*All of society needs to internalize a new normal that protects a woman’s autonomy and her freedom from discrimination at the workplace.

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