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What is Important?
UPSC perspective:
Mains:Not Much
Non-UPSC perspective:About Ask Disha

Why in News?

IRCTC has launched Artificial Intelligence based the chat bot to answer various queries about ticket booking, cancellation and various value added services.

Features of Ask-Disha

*The new next-generation IRCTC e-ticketing website gets an average 4 million users per day . the chat bot is included with 24*7 customer query support, quick response time to queries and multi-tasking.
*The chatbot is voice enabled and will support several regional languages in the near future. It will offer greatly improved and intuitive customer support by answering customer queries pertaining to all aspects of the services that IRCTC provides.
*The essential features of AskDisha include ability to quickly answer to customer queries, ability to provide round-the-clock customer support, ability to multitask, zero waiting time for query to get answered and overall ability to provide customer with stress-free experience and overall customer satisfaction.
*According to IRCTC the chat bot will “improve its knowledge” over a period of time, expanding its ambit of questions to ensure greater efficiency in catering to queries of users.

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