Chandra X-Ray Observatory

Chandra X-Ray Observatory

What is Important?
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Why in News:

Recently,NASA said that Chandra’s automatically went into so-called safe mode , possibly because of a gyroscope problem & Hubble went into hibernation last Friday due to a gyroscope failure.

 Chandra X-Ray Observatory

*NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory has entered protective “safe mode” Mere days after the Hubble Space Telescope entered safe mode following a component failure.

*The Chandra X-Ray Observatory is a NASA spies worked on different objects that include black holes, galaxies, supernovas, high-temperature gases, and quasars.

*The x-ray portion of the electromagnetic spectrum to help us better understands the universe.

*It was previously known as the Advanced X-ray Astrophysics Facility (AXAF).

The telescope is named after the Nobel Prize-winning Indian-American astrophysicist Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar.

NASA's Great Observatories

*The Hubble Space Telescope (HST) primarily observes visible light and near-ultraviolet. It was launched in 1990 aboard Discovery during STS-31. A servicing mission in 1997 added capability in the near-infrared range and one last mission in 2009 was to fix and extend the life of Hubble which resulted in some of the best results to date.

*The Compton Gamma Ray Observatory (CGRO) primarily observed gamma rays, though it extended into hard x-rays as well. It was launched in 1991 aboard Atlantis during STS-37 and was de-orbited in 2000 after failure of a gyroscope.

*The Chandra X-ray Observatory (CXO) primarily observes soft x-rays. It was launched in 1999 aboard Columbia during STS-93 into an elliptical high-earth orbit, and was initially named the Advanced X-ray Astronomical Facility (AXAF).

* The Spitzer Space Telescope (SST) observes the infrared spectrum. It was launched in 2003 aboard a Delta II rocket into an earth-trailing solar orbit; it was called the Space Infrared Telescope Facility (SIRTF) before launch. Depletion of its onboard liquid helium coolant in 2009 reduced its functionality significantly, leaving it with only two short-wavelength imaging modules
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