GenomeAsia 100K Initiative

GenomeAsia 100K Initiative

What is Important?

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Why in News?

A Group of Indian scientists and organizations are involve with a 100k Genome Asia initiative, drove out of the Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore, to sequence the entire genomes of 100k Asians, including 50,000 Indians.
GenomeAsia 100K Initiative

What is Genome Asia 100K?

GenomeAsia 100K is a non-profit consortium with a mission to generate genomic information for Asian populations and to promote genetic understanding of Asian populations to support research and discovery for healthy living and longevity.

About the Project:

*It has announced an ambitious plan to sequence 100,000 Asian individuals in hopes of accelerating precision medicine applications for Asian populations.

*It is intended to initially include populations from 12 South Asian countries and at least 7 of North and East Asian countries.

*In the first phase, the project will focus on creating phased reference genomes for all major Asian ethnic groups representing a major step forward in understanding the population history and population substructure of the region.

*The sequencing of 100,000 individuals will be combined with micro-biome, clinical and phenotype information to allow deeper analysis of diseased and healthy individuals in the context of inferred local ancestries.

*With recent insights into the genome diversity of Asian ethnicities, it will become possible to understand the biology of disease in the currently under-studied Asian populations that represent 40% of mankind.

*Further, the unique genetic diversity prevalent in South, North and East Asia provides a valuable source of clinical insights that should enhance our understanding of several rare and inherited diseases, as well as complex diseases such as cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Indian initiative

*On its sidelines India is arranging a major mission to arrangement the qualities of an extensive gathering of Indians likened to ventures in the United Kingdom, China, Japan and Australia.

*India will utilize this to enhance helth and in addition to buck a global trend of designing personalized medicine.

*This was among the key choices taken at the PM's Science, Technology and Innovation Advisory Council (STIAC) in its initially meet held recently.

*The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and the Department of Biotechnology would be nearly connected with the undertaking.

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