India, Japan, U.S. plan joint air exercise

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Why in News?

The U.S. had proposed a trilateral air exercise between India, Japan and the U.S. For this, the Cope India exercise will be elevated to a trilateral level in phases.

About Cope India:

 *Cope India are a progression of international Air Force practices between the Indian Air Force and the United States Air Force led on and over Indian soil.
*The first such exercise was conducted at IAF air force station in Gwalior from February 2004.
*In 2015, it was expanded into a trilateral format with the inclusion of Japan.
*India, Japan, and the U.S. are set to elevate the bilateral ‘Cope India’ air exercise to a trilateral format.
*The three countries already conduct naval war games under the expanded Malabar naval exercise.
*Japan will send observers for the next round of Cope India exercises between India and U.S. to be hosted by the Indian Air Force.
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