Ripe for prison reform

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Why in News?

The Supreme Court, toward the end of last month, formed a committee on prison reforms. Headed by previous Supreme Court judge, Justice Amitava Roy, it is to investigate the whole range of changes to the prison system.


*The data on prison overcrowding are frightening.
*In India, the publication, Prison Statistics India , brought out by the National Crime Records Bureau will provide food for thought for the Justice Roy Committee. 
* In 2015, there were nearly 4.2 lakh inmates in 1,401 facilities, with an average occupancy rate of 114% in most.
*About 67% of total inmates were undertrials, a commentary on the speed and efficiency of India’s criminal justice system.
*The Supreme Court formed a committee on prison reforms headed by former Supreme Court judge, Justice Amitava Roy.
*Previously Justice A.N. Mulla committee and the Justice Krishna Iyer committee on women prisoners were also set up.

Dealing with white collar crime

*White collar crime i.e,crimes committed by a person of high social status,has accepted monstrous(राक्षसी) extents yet there is no motivation behind why we should keep on locking up guilty parties rather than just denying them of their illegal gains.
* Conceiving quick procedures of connection of properties and solidifying of ledgers are options in contrast to a correctional facility term.
*There are legitimate obstructions here, yet these can be overwhelmed by guaranteeing a specific decency in the framework, of the state assuming control illicitly obtained riches.
*The contention that not all increases made by a economic offender  are open isn't persuading enough to decide on imprisonment over corrective material punishments.
*In India, advance has been made in solidifying 'benami' property of significant guilty parties despite the fact that it may not be a 100% powerful advance of tidying up.
*But these are the first steps towards making economic crimes unaffordable and unattractive for the average offender

Need for reforms

*There are those who believe that if you keep improving prison conditions, there is likely to be an attendant impact on the incidence of crime
*This accounts for the reluctance of many criminal justice administrators to employ or enlarge non-prison alternatives such as community service
*The offshoot of all this is growing numbers of prisoners and the woeful incapacity of governments to build more and larger prisons

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