Falling crude puts OMC pricing under scanner

Falling crude puts OMC pricing under scanner

Why in News?

Oil marketing companies are recovering the ₹1 per litre price cut of October 4 which they had made on the Centre’s instructions and absorbed into their financials.


  • In the Indian basket, there is always a lag that happens with crude price changes, since the procurement happens at a certain point of time, and the pump prices follow later.
  • With oil prices and global petrol prices falling, this would be a good time for OMCs to be incorporating that ₹1 somewhere, and still cut petrol prices by some amount.
  • Oil marketing companies (OMCs) deny that they are doing so, , analysts argue that the pricing mechanism is so opaque and complex that there would be no way to tell even if they were recovering it.
  • It would cut the excise duty on petrol and diesel by ₹1.5 per litre each, and that oil marketing companies would administer a further ₹1 per litre cut in the price.
  • Since October 1, the Indian basket of crude oil has seen prices fall almost 24% as of November 21, whereas the price of petrol has fallen only 8.8% during that period.
  • While this disparity in price levels can be explained to some point by the manner in which petrol prices are set in India.

Process of Petrol pricing

  • Petrol pricing is a complex process, difficult to be known to other than those directly involved.
  • The international products, whose basket we use for pricing petrol products, do not move immediately and in tandem with the crude oil prices.
  • There can be a lag. Arbitrages also change. The price stack up also includes in-land costs, over and above international products prices.
  • These various components in pricing add to the opacity behind how the final retail price is determined.
  • For example, if the global price is $65 per barrel, then there are transportation costs, cross-subsidy losses, handling losses, export parity price, dealercommission, and then taxes added to this.
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