Is point calimere wildlife sanctuary safe for migratory birds?

What is Important?
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Mains:Conservation of Birds and biodiversity

Why in News?

The water quality at the Point Calimere Wildlife Sanctuary might be unsafe for avifauna to feed and breed.

Point Calimere Wildlife Sanctuary:

*The wildlife sanctuary located in Nagapattinam district of Tamil Nadu spreads across an area of 30 and comprises sandy coastal, saline swamps and thorn scrub forests around the backwater.
*It is a protected area and a Ramsar site, chemical companies and small-scale shrimp farms around the wetland have started to pose a threat to the biodiversity and ecosystem of the sanctuary.

Key facts:

*Atmospheric temperature at a few stations exceeded 36-40 degrees Celsius. “This can affect the egg albumen during the pre-incubation period, thereby providing better growth conditions for harmful microorganisms in the eggs.
*The pH and salinity of the waters also exceeded the permissible limits for ecologically sensitive zones. 
*High acidic or high alkaline water can affect the metabolic and developmental activities of wild animals and birds.
*The chemical companies are also letting out untreated effluents into the waters. All this can have a deteriorating effect on the ecology.
*Microbial indicators such as coliform bacteria were also found to be very high at all the five sites.
*The faecal waste of the birds contains a high level of microbial load besides nitrogen, and this can significantly alter the nutrients in the water. 
*Drinking the contaminated water can lead to deformities in birds. Coliform infections in the birds have also been reported to cause a change in their natural behaviour and even affect their long distance migration.

Way forward:

*There are also high chances for the prevalence of antibiotic resistance among the coliform bacteria ,So they should plan to do more investigation on this.
*Strict environmental regulations should be imposed and salt pan and other aquaculture practices around the sanctuary should be prohibited.
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