MBBS curriculum revised after 21 years

What is Important?
UPSC perspective:
Prelims  :MCI & Key facts
Mains:Not Much

Why in News?

Medical Council of India (MCI) on Friday finalised the new undergraduate curriculum that acknowledges the importance of ethics, responsiveness to needs of patients and their families, and communication skills.

Key facts:

*The MCI’s Board of Governors approved the document, which revisits the 1997 syllabus in context of emerging diseases and scientific advances. 
*The new undergraduate curriculum regulations are more learner-centric, patient-centric, gender-sensitive, outcome-oriented, and environment appropriate. The result is an outcome-driven curriculum, which conforms to global trends.
*The emphasis now is more on training students in communicating effectively with patients, and counselling people for organ donations or other challenging procedures. 
*The new curriculum also encourages the use of medical mannequins and models for clinical learning even though the use of human cadavers for anatomy training will continue.
There will be more emphasis on mental health and public health.

Medical Council of India:

The Medical Council of India was first established in 1934 under the Indian Medical Council Act, 1933. This Act was repealed and replaced with a new Act in 1956.
Objectives of MCI:
*Maintenance of standards in medical education through curriculum guidelines, inspections and permissions to start colleges, courses or increasing number of seats.
*Recognition of medical qualifications.
*Registration of doctors and maintenance of the All India Medical Register.
*Regulation of the medical profession by prescribing a code of conduct and taking action against erring doctors.

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