The Hindu Important Articles 11.11.2018

Page 1: Sri Lanka oppn. to challenge dissolution of parliament
Page 9: damage crop dampens wedding season in Apple bowl of Kashmir
Page 9: ISRO invites foreign Riders to Venus
Page 9: National body set up to study rare form of diabetes
Page 10:Fake currency network inact
Page 10: Is president's Srisena's action really tenable?
Page 12: The lowdown on the crisis in Sri Lanka
Page 12:Polio vaccine contamination is a worry
Page 12:Is Assam and another language Flashpoint?
Page 14: Is point calimere wildlife sanctuary safe for migratory birds?
Page 14: groundwater depletion alarming in North East, Central India
Section 2
Page 1: Pence,Modi to discuss navigation
Page 3:EU should pay for more defence
Page 4: Opening up the borders to immigrants
Page 4: When Imran Khan went to China
Page 4: Russia step into Afghan peace efforts
Page 5: Just growth wobble or the beginning of the end
Page 5:why too much banking can be finance curse
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