The Hindu Important Articles 09.12.2018

Page 1:Cloud over key Tibetan meet as Delhi stalls Karmapa’s return
Page 7:‘Inter­Ministerial panel’s discussions off the mark’
Page 8:CWMA: T.N. sees conflict of interest
Page 8:Efforts begin to turn Brindavan into ‘Disneyland’
Page 9:Report on ‘toxic’ talc worries India
Page 11:Week to NRC deadline, many are clueless
Page 12:are farmers all over India on the streets?
Page 12:In Manipur, panic over dead livestock
Page 13:Kings, clowns and climate change
Page 13:The deep, disturbing thought behind lynchings
Page 14:Are drugs discharged into the Yamuna toxic to aquatic life?
Page 14:IISER Kolkata develops simulation to predict solar activity over 10 years
Page 14:The life of Andaman’s sea kraits
Page 2:Auroville shows the way to eco-friendly lifestyle
Page 3:Russian offered Trump team cooperation’
Page 10:China’s rover on mission to uncover moon’s ‘dark side’
Page 10:Hot ocean water led to mass extinction: study

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