The Hindu Important Articles 10.12.2018

Page 1:Centre amends rules for minorities from three nations
Page 7:Beautification plan destroys oldest neighbourhoods in Varanasi
Page 7:JICA norms flouted in bullet train project
Page 8:Delhi and Paris: A tale of two cities
Page 8:Current account woes
Page 8:Death in the air
Page 9:Unimplementable orders
Page 11:Navy on a major capability upgrade
Page 11:NRC­excluded people can go to court: official
Page 11:History’s greatest arms race in Asia
Page 12:Bahrain criticises Qatar Emir for not attending GCC summit
Page 13:NBFCs unsure of getting bank licence even if they apply’ 
Page 14:The world may turn flat for Indian companies, thanks to SEBI panel
Page 14:Road map for the future
Page 14:Tamil Nadu’s stamp duty circular is legal but may need a re­look 
Page 18:Bioplastics may not be a viable alternative to plastic
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